Babies update #10 and more

I know, I know, it's been a week since I saw my doctor and am just now writing to share it with the world. :) Thankfully, this appointment went just like the last 57 have and so that is why I have delayed in sharing.

And so with my toast propped up on my belly and our pups wrestling on the bed, I'll get to it. :)

We had another ultrasound a few hours before my appointment with Dr. A. I have these great appointments every month, which I think is just wonderful and so much fun. Jacob, on the other hand, still thinks the babies look like constellations and can't tell much of a difference between heads and toes. But he comes anyway, to my delight, and sits through the 45 minute appointment.

The ultrasound went great. According to the tech's measurements, the babies are weighing just an ounce in difference. Baby A is weighing 3 lbs. 4 oz. and baby B is weighing in at 3 lbs. 5 oz. Stacey, the tech, did say that at some point we would notice one of the babies starting to weigh more than the other and that the amount of amniotic fluid would lessen as they start to run out of room. As if there's more room to be had, at this point. I can't imagine how I could get any bigger or that my stomach will stretch another inch! Ouch!

Both babies were measuring fine and everything checked out great, much to our delight and joy! Baby A was being a bit more cooperative than her usually compliant sister, so we saw more of her than we did of B. A was found opening and closing her mouth and of course we got some great photos of that! We could even see her tongue, from the profile view of her mouth. Another neat thing that we saw was that she has a bit of hair on her head! We're not surprised since Molly had hair too, but it is fun to know and see on the big screen. Who knew you could see hair on a black and white ultrasound? Crazy!

The slightly big news from the ultrasound is that little Miss A must have other plans in mind for their entry into the world because she is currently standing straight up in my tummy. She's not just breech, she's a footling breech which means that her feet are what's been kicking at my bladder lately. Her sister, on the other hand, is right where we'd like them both to be: head down. Thank you very much, Miss B!

Now, I don't really care how the girls are born... I just want them to be born safely and without complications. I would prefer to have them the way most babies are born, but I don't really get a say in this now do I? You can be praying that they would be born safe and sound and stay as long as possible in my tummy. We are expecting a higher chance of a c-section than before, since Miss A has been head up in the last few ultrasounds. She could still flip around though, and that would be great!

My appointment with Dr. A went well, with nothing much to report. He does think that I have a good chance of hanging on to the girls till 38 weeks. I see him every two weeks for another month, when I'll be 34 weeks and then I'll see him every week until the girls are born.

In other belly news, my mom was just here for a few days and she did a great job at painting the nursery with a bit of pink. Here's what it looked like when we had the room ready for Molly's big debut:

Now, get ready for the finished product. Drum roll, please....

We added some pink paint above the brown stripe and on the ceiling. We also added a pink lamp that I got at TJ Maxx for $11 and a pink and red polka dotted sheet and changing pad cover.

I love how the room looks and it definitely feels more and more ready as small changes are made. For the past year and a half it was my "office" where I sat and read my bible, an assortment of books on grief, or checked my emails. It had to be converted back to the nursery which meant getting rid of my stacks of books and piles of papers. I am super excited with how it has turned out.

You might be wondering how I am doing. At 31 weeks, I currently move at the speed of a three year old and sleep propped up on four pillows and blankets tucked under my belly for support. Sleep is difficult, although I have had a good few nights lately. Some would say it is in preparation for the girls coming. I laugh knowing that while I won't be sleeping much when they get here, why suffer now?

I am really doing well though and can hardly complain. Having two in my belly is way different than having one, and I am enjoying it as much as I can while I have them all to myself.


Linds said…
so fun! that's so weird to think that you have 2 babies inside of you! I feel your pain on being uncomfortable. What I did find though was that the times that I was waking up were the times B woke up in the middle of the night. I'll be praying for rest for both of you, and for a safe and healthy delivery for all 3 of you! I can't wait to see their precious faces! You better not keep us waiting for a week to see them :)
Laura said…
the room looks great! I love the pink above the brown stripe. I've been super bad at returning emails lately so I don't think I've told you that we're expecting again too...and we just found out it's a girl! We're super excited. We're starting the baby room soon (with brown and pink too!) So glad to hear that everything is going well with your sweet girls.
~ Laura (Mya's mommy)
The Shirey's said…
Hi- I love the room! I am just a few days behind you, carrying a baby boy. I go to church with Jake's dad and he is a faithful friend and supporter of the ministry I work for - Florida Baptist Children's Homes! I read your blog every chance I get and just wanted to let you know the staff at FBCH prays for you regularly. Oh, and I'm with you on the "speed of a 3 year old" and all the pillows and I'm not even carrying two babies!!
Adoption Mama said…
Molly, I have followed your story and it is an inspiration. I have 2 little ones in heaven as well as now, 4 adopted children.

Please pray for my oldest treasure. My blog gives the on "Hoss'" picture.

I will continue praying for you, too.
Laura said…
So beautiful! Can't wait to see the room with all of you in it. Praying for you...deep breaths!

Love you!

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