I love my husband!

I have to brag on my husband. A week ago he gave me a great gift. It is the best gift he could ever give me. In fact, I ask for this gift on numerous occasions. This gift is better than anything he could ever buy at a store.

He gave me his time. We’re learning in our small group’s study on Purpose Driven Life, that time is such a valuable gift because it can never be regained. When someone gives you their time, they are giving something of themselves.

On Tuesday afternoon, Jacob gave me a nice big chunk of time together. A “Rebecca Extravaganza” where I get to choose what we do and he goes along with it. Around 2 we found ourselves in the basement, looking for something, when I asked him if he would help me put away the last boxes of Christmas decorations. They are stored under the stairs and with my ever-growing belly, it’s not a good idea for me to lift them. So for about 15 minutes, he helped me organize and put things in their places. He also helped give me some peace in that moment. As most women know, when their house is clean, picked up, and organized, they feel peaceful and relaxed. I felt so good after just those 15 minutes.

Later that afternoon I asked if we could go to Starbucks for a coffee date and then to Target to check out some of the baby things on sale there. As part of my extravaganza day, Jacob agreed. We loaded the dogs into the car, because we almost always take them with us wherever we go, and headed to Starbucks. I originally thought we would just get some coffee and head over to Target but Jacob suggested that we sit for awhile and just hang out. A great idea. We flipped through a little date book called Coffee Dates for couples and I found a great question for us to talk about: Our dream house. We talked about what we would want if money were no option and what our house would be like if we could have whatever we wanted. It was really fun, especially when I asked him what he liked the most about his house in Indiana, where he spent much of his childhood.

From Starbucks we headed to Target where there was a big sale on baby items, 50% off. He did what I have always wanted him to do, engage with me and enter into the experience. I pulled little outfits off of racks and he would tell me how he liked the ruffles or the cute butterfly pattern. It was really fun and we even picked out a few outfits to dress our girls in.

We ended our evening watching a set of home videos that were taken of his old house in Indiana. It was fun getting the tour and being able to see a bit of where he grew up. Then he played our engagement video which was really fun to watch and remember how fun it was to get engaged. We both looked so young in the video, its crazy how we’ve changed in just 5 years.

I am so in love with you, Jacob. I love getting to spend my life with you and every experience!! You are the greatest husband for me!!


Emily said…
How awesome! Sounds like a wonderful day. And I completely agree with you--having your husband engage on the baby details is so special. During my first pregnancy, Matt came and did the baby registry with me. I let him have the scanner, and we had a blast. I'm glad you got to have this special day together. =)
Linds said…
what a great idea! I might have to steal it from you :o)

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