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We saw our doctor again today and had another ultrasound to check in on Astrid and Bob. To our relief and joy we found that both of them are growing like they should, healthy, and little hearts beating away.

It was really neat to see their hearts beating and then of course to hear them was even cooler! Bob's heartbeat is at a healthy pace of 182 bpm. Astrid's heartbeat was also healthy and fast at 176 bpm.

They are both measuring right on at 9 weeks. Right now they are just over an inch long, about the size of a green grape. :) It was really a relief to see that Astrid had caught up to Bob and was the same length and everything. We were both really pleased and grateful for another positive appointment. I didn't post a picture with this post because our doctor didn't take very many and the ones he did take weren't all that great. So next time we get a pic, we'll post it! :)

Because I had some bleeding, my doctor did ask me to take it easy for the next few weeks. This first trimester is so crucial and the time when most miscarriages occur. He did say that I would be in "the clear" around 18 weeks. So we're halfway there and so excited!

We know that we won't ever be "in the clear" until we have our babies in our arms and we know they are healthy and well. And even then, they are still on loan to us and a gift from God. As we already know well enough, He gives and He takes away.

May we always bless His name, no matter what He gives or what He takes.

Thank you all so much for praying for us and rejoicing with us over these two healthy lives!! We are so honored and thrilled to be given this opportunity to parent two babies at once!


Linds said…
Mmmmmm.... goosebumps! I just love it that you're pregnant with TWINS. Can't believe it either! So glad they are both doing so well. Take it easy and keep us posted. As always... we're praying!
Elaine said…
How wonderful! Praying for a healthy 9 months and healthy babies!
angie gutshall said…
Thanks for the update! We will continue to pray!
Rebecca said…
You came to mind last night & now I got to read your update! Thanks for sharing about how A & B are doing. I totally agree with you about being 'in the clear'.
M. Serna said…
great news Rebecca!
Dani said…
I am so excited for you! Found your blog after listening to a Flatirons message, and have been following along. I just found out I'm expecting our first, and I'm a week or two behind you, so it's fun to get a sneak-peek at preggo life at 9 weeks (I'm about to turn 8 wks). My first dr appt is next week. I'm so excited for your two babies, and you're right... they are on loan to us from God. They're His all along, but He's entrusting us with them for a while until He needs them for His calling. Congrats to your family!!
Karen said…
So I was watching the credits to Sense & Sensibility (the Kate Winslet/Emma Thompson version)and found an "Astrid" who was a hairdresser and thought of you.

Will continue to pray for you all!
Rachel said…
Congrats! Just thought I'd mention that after my miscarriage and getting pregnant again, I began progesterone injections as my levels were low and that can be a cause of miscarriage. You might want to look into it or ask your doc. Not all docs will prescribe it. Check out if you're interested. It gave me a lot of peace of mind after my miscarriage. Take it easy! Praying for you and Astrid and Bob!
Jenny said…
I have been following your story on Family Life and your blog. As the mother of 4 beautiful children and 3 in heaven I know how nervous I was for ultrasounds but joyous when things went well. We are praying for you.

Jenny mom to Quinlee, Lander, Jillian and Blair
Kristin said…
Yea!!!! Praise God! Will keep praying.
laura s said…
I am a crusade staffer who came across your blog a while ago and am excited to see this latest news. I too lost two babies initially and then got the great news in august of 06 that I too would be having twins! They are now 2 1/2 and will be sooning having another sister. God reminded me of Job when he restores to Job what he lost "twofold". God bless your pregnancy!
Jenni said…
Jake and Becca, We are thrilled for your wonderful news! We are praying for you and your TWINS! :)
Your story of Molly has profoundly touched me. I feel that I know you from afar and find comfort in the words of your book "A Symphony in the Dark". My husband and I lost our daughter, Cora Capri, at 35 weeks back in June. Your story has helped me to heal and examine the truth in God's plan. I would love to connect with you to talk more. Congratulations on your twins! Praise GOD :)

Melanie Shipps
Kelly Melvin Faulkner said…
Rebecca, We don't know each other, but I stumbled across your blog one day through my friend Christy Hutchins blog. I am so excited for you to be pregnant with twins. I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you so far. I thought I would share another family with you, that I thought you might could relate to at this time in their life. They've just lost their 2nd daughter to childhood cancer, the same type as their 1st daughter died from. I thought you might have some information that you could share with them, or lead them to in getting through this period in their life. You can read a little about their story and contact them, , Kirk & Natalie Maxey, at excited to hear about your current pregnacy. I will be praying for you throughout this one!
Sonya said…
I am so happy for you and Jacob. Blessings on your family!!!
Lizzie said…
Hi there Rebecca,
We are part of the Family Life WTR Team in Hershey, PA. The other weekend we had a meeting and one women from our group has been keeping us updated on your family. I finally got on your blog and have been blessed by your life and the life of Molly and Micah. We have been praying for you for many months now and are vey excited to hear about your twins. They are in our thoughts and prayers. We will continue to do so these next 7 months. Blessings to you and your family.
In His Joy Alone,
Jeremy, Liz, Josiah & Alizah
Tishauna said…
Hello Rebecca,
I am a listener of Family Life in Texas. I have followed you since hearing of the precious and Mighty Molly Muntz. Today I just had you on my mind, so I thought. Correctly though, the Holy Spirit placed you there, so I would pop on your blog and learn the awesome news.

My prayer for you is that you find a non-anxious prescence and joy each day. Fill your thoughts with the good things God has faithfully done and continues to do, and overwhelm your experiences with those thoughts. I know you have a loving husband and amazing family. Please know that on the days when its tough, God does use people like me whom you never met to pray for you and the babies. He is such a complete and Sovreign God. I can't wait to take this journey with you, (so to speak).
Your sister in Christ,
ansley said…
Congratulations, y'all :) Praying for you both, and Astrid & Bob
Lena said…
I just finished reading your book about Molly last night. What a beautiful story about beautiful life! I could not wait to go to my computer this morning and to find your blog. I am so happy for you! I will pray for twins and your family.
We lost our little Chandler 2 weeks ago (On September 16, 2009). I was reading your book like I was reading it about my life and my Chandler. Unfortunately we had only 39 minutes with our son, and I feel sad that I did not experience his first bath, or even changing his diaper, but I was so happy those 39 minutes that I would trade anything to have him back!
Anonymous said…
Love You!!! You are wrapped in prayer!!

Hugs, Donna & Gary
Jerry Isaak said…
Hi Rebecca,
Not sure if you will remember me, we played as kids many summers during staff training. Our parents were together last week in Mexico and your mom shared some of your story with my mom. My mom just brought me your book and I finished it in one night. It was beautifully written, thank you for sharing your story of Molly. I have a close friend that I am going to pass it onto, I know it will encourage her immensely.
Congrats on being the mommy of twins, so exciting!
Many blessing to you and Jacob. I hope our paths cross again sometime in the future.

Katie McDowell Isaak
I accidentally found your blog in some web meanderings. Congratulations on the newest additions to your family. I pray that they will remain *long* in your arms. Thank you for sharing your story, and your experience of God's goodness.

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