Pray for us!

Just a quick note to ask people to pray for us tomorrow, Friday the 24th. Around 9:30 a.m. MST, our pastor and a few people from the technical team will come with cameras and lights to record our story. They will be recording it in our home and possibly doing some outside shots as well.

Right now our church is in the middle of a series called Waste Management. Essentially it's about not wasting the gifts we've been given, our talents, our faith, our lives, and instead using what we have for God's glory and with purpose. Our pastor wants to use our story in the final weekend of the series about not wasting your life. It'll be the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of May and will be available online to watch a few days after the weekend.

We are truly honored, once again, to share our story with several thousand people and how our little girl changed us forever and called us closer to heart of God. We are asking God to speak through us tomorrow, that it would be His words and not our own that people hear. And that we would, above all, honor and glorify Him through the challenges of grief and healing.

Thank you so much for praying for us. I know lots of people who are praying for us and I know there are many whom I've never met that follow this blog and pray faithfully. Though we may never meet on this earth, I am eternally grateful to have so many brothers and sisters who intercede on our behalf. I can't wait for the party that Heaven will be!!

I'll update after we're done taping and definitely when I have a link to the sermon with our story being shared.

Much love and thanks to you all.
Jake and Rebecca


Carolina said…
What an incredible opportunity for God to use Molly to reach others!! He'll give you just the right words to share

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