Magnificent Montana

We are really enjoying our relaxing getaway here in Whitefish, MT. The weather is beautiful out and the snow is soft and accents the tress so well. I love it when trees are just loaded with snow. It's so pretty!

Jake has been snowboarding for three days now and today I am working on writing and goals. Tomorrow we jump in the car and head for Stevensville where the Burnt Fork Ranch is. We'll stay there till Tuesday and then head back home. It is my hope that we leave there refreshed and rejuvenated. We've needed time away for awhile now and it's been so nice to do that here. Our host and hostess have been so kind and so generous. We could not have asked for a better place to stay. We are so pampered here.

Later today I am going snowshoeing with Kay and then we're all going out to dinner tonight. At night we've been watching old episodes of Lost, which has been fun, especially in their cool theater room!


Andressa said…
I love Montana too! Kalispell is just gorgeous too!
cindy lou-who said…
wow, that place is incredible!!! looks like a movie set. i'm jealous! we haven't seen one flake of snow in southern AR this winter. VERY disappointing. but i'm trying to imagine myself jumping through these pics you posted (like in Mary Poppins) and see the beauty of what you're seeing. I'm so glad y'all got to get away. (I've never watched Lost, should I track down old episodes, as well?)

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