You know, while I would never choose this circumstance I am so thankful for the work God has been doing and will do in both of us through this. And, I am continually blown away by how God has used my little girl in so many lives even now after she's gone. God has chosen our daughter to know Him and be with Him and be a light to so many people and I am honored that He would choose her for such incredible purposes. I am sure that most parents pray and hope that their children grow up to bring such honor to God and I didn't even get a chance to pray that. But it didn't matter if I prayed that or not because look at how she's touched so many lives.

I hope my heart never grows a bitter root towards the Lord. That is my prayer and hope for both of us. That we would continually allow God to shape our hearts to be more like His. I hope to never be the same because of Molly. I just want to tell so many people about her. I want the people at the grocery store to ask me about her, my neighbors, and the plumber who came to fix our faucet today. And then I have realized that with how much I want to tell others about Molly, it's pretty sad that I am not as equally motivated (or more) to tell others about Jesus. Thankfully, I can tell others about Molly and Jesus at the same time. It is interesting though that I am not as excited to tell people about Jesus and how he died so that we could spend eternity with Him.


Shawna said…
Those are precious thoughts. I keep praying for you & Jacob. Not a day goes by when Molly hasn't come to mind. May the Lord continue to receive glory thru her life and through your faith as you trust in Him. Love you!

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