Ready for baby...

Well, needless to say, I am ready for this baby to arrive. I have 10 days left till my due date but I am ready now! :) I definitely go back and forth. For the most part I am ready to meet this little one who I've bonded with for 9 months now, but then on the other hand I am wanting to just enjoy what we have that we'll not have for a long time to come. I'm sure other moms can understand. Jake thinks I should drink castro oil or eat lots of pinneapple so we can meet the baby! I told him I'm not drinking motor oil so we can have this baby!! Plus, the side effects of castro oil sound awful! Headaches, vomiting, dehydration, and not to mention possible problems with the baby!! No thank you mister!!

The nursery is ready. I've done all I can do to it and now I just need to wait for the little squirt to get here. That's what my doctor calls our baby, "squirt". It's pretty cute. I do need a lampshade for the lamp next to my glider but that's about it. And I think I have a few in the basement so that's pretty easy to fix.

I've packed and repacked my little hospital bag. I have little outfits for the baby to come home in depending on the sex. :) Oh and I learned how to knit little hats for the baby. Ashley taught me and she even made me a blue one. I made a pink one and it was big enough to fit her 1 year olds' head. :) A little too big for an infant so I decided to make a few more. I made a white one that is much better than the first one and then I just finished another pink hat last night that's even better than the white one. So I think I am getting the hang of it. And then last night, my friend Andressa taught me how to knit little flowers to sew onto the top of the hats or anywhere really. I was so excited because mom and I had seen a cute little hat with little flowers on top but they were crocheted and I don't know how to crochet, only knit. So this was fun to learn a new thing with knitting. So I made a white flower to put on the pink hat and it looks pretty darn cute!

Last week I saw the nurser practitioner instead of my doctor because of a blasted mix up with appointments and the receptionist. So, I saw her and she checked me out and told me I am 50% effaced and under a centimeter dilated. So we've got some action!! Which is awesome! I hope to prove my doctor wrong and have this baby early. :) He keeps telling me that most first time mama's have their babies after their due date, not early. We'll see.

Anyway, just wanted to update everyone on things. Thankfully, Jake is home and not going anywhere for awhile. He was just in FL for his brother's wedding and it was pretty hard having him gone for so long and with me being so near my due date. But I made it just fine and the baby didn't go anywhere and probably didn't even know he was gone! :)

Hopefully we'll have some great news next time we post!!


Sarah said… update!

Be sure to post pics. :)

Sarah C.
Rebecca said…
By the way, I am trying to post pictures, but for some reason they take forever and sometimes won't load at all!! Drat!! But I will post pics of the baby, either here or on facebook!

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