Maui is Magnificent!

Jacob and I are in Maui for the next several days and then we will travel to Kuaui for another several days. This is meant to be a "final" trip without kiddos. We are LOVING it here in Maui. Today we spent our morning on the beach, doing our devotions, and then driving around some very cool lava rock fields. We found a great snorkeling spot and decided we would visit it later in the week and then headed back to check out of our room. From there we headed to a nearby Wal-Mart to stock up on water, granola bars, sunscreen, and beach towels. Then we began our trip to Hana. The road to Hana was quite long and winding, but beautiful and well worth it! We saw some sparkling waterfalls, beautiful landscapes, and of course the coastline.

Tonight we are staying in Hana at a super fun and very unique place. We are staying in a Yurt. It's a circular one room hut type deal that is 16 feet in diameter complete with a bed, table and chairs, and little kitchen with all the utensils we need for our gourmet dinner of Ahi tuna, salmon, and green beans. :)


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