Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Own Business!

Just recently I decided to give Pampered Chef a try. Not only do I love their products but I also love to cook and share that with other people. It seems that this will be a good fit for me and something that I can exceed in and meet new people through. I am excited too because I can keep doing this after our baby is born and it will be something that will give me motivation in my days.

This will be fun! I am not sure when my first party is, but I am thinking of hosting my own first party here at my house to get things going. A new idea they shared last night at the monthly meeting is to have a soup swap party! So instead of swapping tons of cookies that we won't want or need in the new year, why not swap recipes and soup quantities with other people! It will put meals in our refrigerators and give us new recipes for meals to come.

It is so exciting to think about! Now I just need to get the word about and get moving!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Friends in Texas!

I just got back from spending 4 wonderful days with my best girlfriend, Christy Hutchins! She and I went to high school and were college roommates our freshmen year! We have so many memories together and it was so much fun to walk down memory lane together and laugh as we recalled all sorts of memories.

The last night I was there she and I went to dinner together at this mexican place called Chuy's. It was so tasty! They have this area in the restaurant where you can sit and have chips, salsa, and cheese dip while you wait for your table, and it's all free! And it was seriously good stuff! I wanted to bottle it and bring some home with me! We split a chimichanga and still couldn't finish our meal because we had had so many chips and cheese dip! :)

It was such a great time. I hadn't seen her in 9 months and I hadn't seen her daughter in over a year so we had fun with little Olivia as she hammed her way through dinner, played with her little kitchen, and said things neither of us could understand. Some of the best times were spent on the couch talking and sharing our hearts about our futures, babies, and our sweet hubbies! We even got to go shopping at Babys R Us and Christy walked me down aisle after aisle and pointed out things that were either a waste of money or were worth the money! I learned a lot and we didn't have to buy anything, just hung out and enjoyed all the baby things.

I am so thankful for friends, especially long term friends who know you inside and out and are always there for you. It is an invaluable blessing from God!