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So, I am 13 weeks pregs and having a grand ole time. The only complaint I have are the migraines I am getting more and more often. But I really have had a great pregnancy so far!

I started decorating for Christmas this week! I had christmas music on, yummy candles lit, and I was sippin on spice tea! Hmm, it was delicious fun! The mantle is getting there, the dining room table is closer to being done and we don't have a tree yet. But last year I bought two 3 ft. trees on sale at Wal-Mart and I found them when I was getting stuff out and I decided to put one in our bedroom and the other on our front porch. Very festive and fun! I think we are going to try and cut down our tree this year, where I have no idea.

Next week I get to see my friend, Christy Hutchins! I dont' think I've seen her since March of this year! Which is way too long in my opinion. She and I are going to go baby shopping and just hang out together. I am so excited to see her and her little girl!

There's really not much else going on. I'm not showing yet which is good because I can still wear some of my pants, although some of them are tighter than normal. And our baby right now is the size of a peach! :) There is so much to learn when you're pregnant. I think I have about 6 books on babies and pregnancies right now. All of which are on my night stand! :)

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