Oh the joys!

Yesterday I decided to watch a movie in the basement while I made an inventory of things we wanted to give away, clothes, books, etc. So I chose the movie Seabiscuit and sat down to a mountain of clothing and such and proceeded to watch the movie. Then a very weird thing happened, just when the horse and his jockey are about to win this race my eyes start to well up with tears. What's this, I'm thinking. This movie is not that sad and I don't remember ever crying when I watched it before. Then it happened like three other times too! I cried when he won, when he got hurt, when the horse got hurt and then when they won again at the end!

What is the deal?! So yeah, I'm definitely pregnant but who knew my emotions would be like this! I've heard of the expression, "crying at the drop of a hat" but had never experienced it before now. Whoa, strange stuff this pregnancy thing is. :)


Andressa said…
Your too cute! I'm soo glad you put in a movie with such a great ending!!! I wish they'd make a Seabiscuit II where there are ponies and babies running around! :O) J/K!! I hope you guys are doing well on your trip, you were missed at SG last night!

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