The final days!

So this is my last week in culinary school. The past two weeks we have been learning all there is to learn about wine in France, Spain, US, Chile, New Zealand, and Australia. Last week was France and the first week was a crash course on the rest of them. This week we learn about Italian wine and then on Friday we take our last quiz, enjoy a celebratory lunch, and share a large bottle of champagne! That is our graduation. No ceremony, no caps and gowns, no speaker... but a gourmet lunch and some bubbly! It will be exciting and I can't believe it is almost over.

Jake and I have been talking about what I will do and one idea I had was to start a cupcake shop/dessert catering business. We'll see. Jake's family will be in town this coming Saturday and then we are all heading to Estes Park, CO for the week to vacation. Then my family will be in town for a week. So it's all very exciting. Mark is visiting us this week and we have had such a great time with him. Right now he and Jake are playing a game on our Wii. We just got it Friday night and they have played a ton! It's been perfect though because while they play I have been cleaning our basement. Now I think I will sweep and mop our main floor.


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