10 Days

That's how many days I have left until Culinary School starts. The first day begins at 8:45 a.m. and I have to ride RTD since it's opening day for The Rockies and parking will cost anywhere up to $45 and RTD is only $3. Big difference. I spent all day yesterday baking and cooking for a neighborhood party we are having tonight. We invited everyone and their dog to come over between 6 and 10 to meet and greet those in the area. There are about 45 homes here and I know about 1 of them. Our pastor challenged us at church several weeks ago to make the effort to meet those around us and "love our neighbors". So that is what we are doing. I made hi hats, brownie cups, creamy white bean dip, corn salsa, and strawberry lemonade. Later today I am going to finish a few things and make another salty snack as well as run to the grocery for ice, semi-sweet chips, wine, and almond flavoring. I'm really looking forward to our party. We had a huge response and about 30 people have responded saying they are coming. Maybe I'll take some pictures of the whole thing and post it afterwards.


Samuel said…
Wahoo!!! I have a sister in the blogosphere.

Can't wait to read more... :)
Rebecca said…
You're so funny!
Lori said…
Wow! i have had so much fun reading all your blog stuff! I am SOOO proud of all you are doing! i cannot wait to talk to you and here more in depth. You're such an amazing woman! And...that is awesome about the neighborhood party- convicting to me! i want to talk SO badly! love you!

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