Shameless Plug

I was recently given the opportunity to have photos taken of my 37 week belly and also share my story about this pregnancy and the ones that came before it.

I realize it's not super common to show off ones large belly and have pictures taken of it, but I thought this would be another unique way to share Molly's story with others.  And it proved to be just that.

Here's the blog with my photo and story.  Feel free to share it with others.  The photographer is on a mission to capture the bellies of 100 pregnant women and share their stories.  I believe it might even become a book someday.  All in all, very cool to see what others have experienced and just how different one belly is to another.

100 Bellies in 100 Days

Enjoy! It won't be too long before that belly will be gone and our sweet baby boy will be here!  I cannot wait!!  If he's anything like his sisters, it could be we won't meet him until around April 13th.  But you never know....


M. Serna said…
sweet as can be! Your words are so well put. Happy for you guys to be having a little guy anytime now!
Sarah said…
No blue shirts from BabyBluBec?! I fell off my chair reading that. :-)

Much love...Sarah Z
Anonymous said…
how exciting! I know you can't wait to meet the new addition. such a sweet family. I enjoy reading!
Anonymous said…
the due date is close. praying for a safe, healthy delivery. I bet you all are excited

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