Thursday, May 26, 2011


Easter was so much fun!! The girls had a blast with all the eggs we had in our house. We even did Easter baskets, mostly practical things like socks, a watering can, sidewalk chalk, and a few toys. No candy in the baskets, but that's because they found plenty of it hidden around the house!! Piper was really good at finding those eggs too. I didn't even know they were hidden!

Hmmm, I like Easter!! And these plastic egg things that have yummy things inside!!

This is where we found Piper that morning, sitting in the middle of all these eggs. She had pulled the bucket down off the table and then discovered a rainbow of colors! She had cracked one open and was eating through the foil to get to the chocolate. Yum.

Lily and Piper ready for the onslaught of Easter Eggs!!

Pour on the eggs, Daddy!!

Piper liked helping Daddy with this wonderful game of "give the baby more chocolate!!"

Here Lily, have some more!!

They were so excited!! They kept kicking their legs in excitement which resulted in all sorts of eggs flying in various directions. The dogs were a little wary of this.

Piper working on eating through the plastic to get to the good stuff...

Lily is wondering which egg to crack first, blue or yellow?

First Easter baskets!!

Piper was pulling out the yellow grass instead of playing with her new things. Typical.

Lily checking our her Easter basket and wondering what to pull out next.

Then we had an Easter Egg hunt with a total of about 200 eggs and an even bigger total of 4 kids to hunt them. It was brutal!! And the best part about the egg hunt, all of the eggs were left at our house when everyone went home. Maybe that had something to do with the parents wanting nothing to do with any more candy lying around their house. Hmmm.

The lineup! From youngest to oldest: Lincoln Zumalt, Andie Rizner, Isaiah Rizner, and Avery Zumalt.

Piper and Janine, Mommy and Lily, all trying to stay warm by the fire. It was a chilly day to be searching for eggs!

Hmmm, who hid that egg??



Mommy and Lily

Piper and Janine, one of our good friends who we used to live down the row from.

Avery is telling Isaiah, "Look!! Eggs in that prickly tree!! Get them for us!!"

The proud hunters and their loot!!

The Twins' Birthday Bash

Two months ago, the girls celebrated their first birthday. And I would love to share some photos of that fun afternoon!! Check 'em out!

The sign on our front door, "Today we celebrate Lily and Piper's 1st Birthday!"

The dining room, all ready for action! Thanks to my sister, Laura for all of her amazing decorating skills! On either side of the table are posters, one for each twin with pictures of them over the course of their first year! My older sister, Ashley, does that for her boys every year so I thought I would pay her a compliment and copy it! :) After the party, I taped them to their bedroom door. It's always fun to look at them every time I go by their room.

Happy Birthday Piper!!

Happy Birthday Lily!!

The girls!

Piper has given me the thumbs up on my baking skills.

Piper's cake, up close. Check out those dig marks in that cake! Girl wasn't messing around. :)

Lily, on the other hand, not so much a thumbs up. We did find out later she was getting sick which is why she didn't eat much of her cake. Poor baby girl. But I do love her face in this picture! It's her classic face.

Sweet Lily, watching everyone around her instead of digging in to some yummy cake. She did clap for herself at the end of the birthday song! That was a hit!

Piper and her cousin, Gabby, who came to visit for their special occasion!