Some pics of the girls from the past few months. My, how time flies!! They are growing so fast, it's almost scary!

Two sets of Twin Cousins: Will Alt, Piper Mutz, Lily Mutz, and Isaac Alt

Lily and Piper in their bumbo seats

Lily and Piper soaking up some rays in their cute suits!!


Piper wearing the cute suit that I had purchased for Molly when I was pregnant with her. I found it on sale at GapKids and bought it on a whim that we would have a girl. It was fun to put her in it.


Linds said…
oh my word, Becca they are SO beautiful and cute! You and Jacob make such pretty babies!
Carrie said…
Love the pictures!
Rebecca said…
Wowzers, they've grown so fast! That red polka dot suit is just too sweet. Was it bittersweet to see her in it? Looks like some precious moments have been had these last few months.
Kristin said…
Such sweet faces and smiles.
Foodie said…
I discovered your blog after listening to the Waste Management series from Flatirons Community Church. I went back and started reading past posts to get a better idea of the path God took you on. I was amazed. It helped me feel so encouraged to see God in action in such a big way. I would love to talk to you more (if you're not too busy with the twins!). I can be reached at my email

And I love any blog that has to do with food since I'm a culinary student!
gg said…
new to your blog. i just finished your book in less than a week. that's unusual for me. it usually takes me a month. i was given the book by one of your aunts. your family is a great marketing tool. :) so happy to see how god has blessed you guys after all that you have been through. hope to see another book by you. :)
Katy said…
I have been away from blogger land for far too long! The girls are adorable!

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