With gratitude and thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving and Christmas are both my top favorite holidays of the year, as I'm sure they are for most of the general population. But this year, I would prefer we all skip them both. Or at least me. If I could go to sleep and wake up in the new year it would be wonderful. To have something odd like that happen would only confirm how odd I feel inside.

Last Sunday I shared Molly's story in the grief workshop through our church. The topic for this weeks' meeting was on shock. Only five months out and I was the likely candidate to talk on shock as it is something I still experience from time to time. I am in a group of women who have all experienced loss and are together to facilitate this workshop for those who are or have gone through loss. It is very sobering to be a part of this group. There are so many broken hearts and sad stories. Many come with red eyes and kleenex stuffed in various pockets or clutched in tight fists. I gently smile at them knowing the pain they feel, the pain of losing someone we love so dearly. The pain of having to say good-bye, some knowing they were going to, suddenly having to, or not having the chance at all. It's pretty sad and overwhelming and heavy on my heart each week. I am glad we are doing it though. Sometimes going through more pain is better and heals more than ignoring it.

So, on to what I am thankful for.

-I am thankful for rocking chairs. Definitely my favorite chair to sit in because they are so soothing and comforting. Reminds me of home and growing up. Hmmmm. Plus, I just found a whole row of them in the Charlotte airport to choose from while I sipped hot chocolate. :)
-I am thankful for my precious, loving, and supportive husband. You have been absolutely wonderful and a great source of comfort and protection. Thank you for choosing me and loving me so well.
-I am thankful for our sweet, sweet daughter, Molly Ann. That she is alive and well, rejoicing in the presence of her King and Savior.
-I am thankful for my family, both the one I was born into and the one I married into. They have come to our aide countless times throughout this valley and it's powerful and humbling to benefit from their loving gestures.
-I am thankful for Jesus, His death on the cross that has paved the way for me to join Him in Heaven forever, and for His truth and promises. "I life my eyes to the hills--where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip--He who watches over you will not slumber." (Psalm 12:1-3)

Waiting for The Day as patiently as I can...


Julie said…
Glad to read your post. Just today I read DR's article on Mighty Molly in CCC's WorldWide Challenge. Thinking about you. *cyber hug*
Christy said…
Love you sweet friend! Did you make that in the picture for Molly? It's beautiful! Hugs!
Megan said…
Hello Rebecca. Your daughters story is powerful. I am sad whenever I read of another that shares the grief I know too well. But what a Comforter we have.

I have a blog specific to infant loss. I would be honored to add yours to the "heartbroken with hope" section. Please let me know if that would be alright with you.

It brings me joy to picture my son, along with all these other beautiful babies in Heaven. Our little ones are in paradise! What peace that brings me. I pray it does for you as well. ~Megan

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