Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just pictures

A few photos and captions for your afternoon amusement and enjoyment. :)

At the Denver Garden Show where we "bumped into" a beautiful "flower", Lily and Piper's Zaza Mutz (that's the name she chose over Grandma..) We had such a fun time!!

Finger Paint at Monkey Bizness!!

Lily didn't understand that the brush end went into the paint, but she had fun anyway.

Lily discovering what finger paint tastes like...

On a beautiful snowy stroller ride in Fraser, CO!

Also while in Fraser, they learned how to climb up the ladder to the top bunk bed.. Hmm, guess who taught them that?!

Reading books together with a blankie over their laps. A must for any book reading session.

Lily's encounter with Barney at Chuck E Cheese, and likely her last. Although she loved the rides, her parents weren't too thrilled with the max load of patrons there. And Piper didn't like the rides at all, just stared in wonder at all the lights, sounds going off, and people everywhere.

Dressed like one of their sitters, Lindsey, for her going away party!! The theme was to come dressed like Linds and so the girls wore leggings, furry boots, and puffy vests! Complete with Mardi Gras beads. :)