Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And December?

And now for the rest of the story...

In December we made a few trips to Winter Park for some skiing and then one big trip to FL for Christmas festivities at my in-laws house in Lakeland. I can't remember what else I did that month, but I'm sure it included making christmas cookies and mixing peppermint hot chocolate with my coffee in the mornings. Wait, I think I still do that.

When we arrived in Florida, both girls had runny noses and were sprouting new teeth. Lovely. As a result, most people thought that the girls didn't like them or that something was wrong with the way they were holding them or feeding them their bottles. Instead, it was a combination of new teeth, new place, lots of noise, and lots of new faces. They did enjoy their time there in spite of their sore gums.

If you can believe it there was a grand total of 24 people staying under one roof during Christmas. My in laws masterfully fit all 24 of us in their beautiful home and were great hosts to us during our stay. We had many late nights watching movies, cramming 15 people into one hot tub, including the twins, too many loads of laundry to count, a delicious Christmas brunch, and consumed too many goodies which we are all regretting now that the new year is upon us.

One of the highlights of our trip was meeting the twins' cousin Alonna, who was born just 2 months after they were. So fun getting to see her and see the three of them together. They even had matching Christmas jammies!! The low of that trip happened just before we left to go the airport, 10 minutes to be exact. This is where the pink cast comes into play.

While Jacob was wrestling with his sister Kelli, and yes I did say sister, Lambchop must have wanted to get in on the fun and unfortunately ended up getting in the way. During the wrestling, Jacob stepped back and the bottom of his foot met Lambchops' leg and with a snap that Jacob both heard and felt, we had ourselves a crying pup. Thankfully, the Mutzes know lots of people in Lakeland and we left in a hurry to the animal clinic just up the road. Within 20 minutes we had an x-ray of her broken bone, leg in a splint, pain meds, and a sedative for the plane ride. And if you can believe it, we didn't miss our flight. It was delayed for some reason and so we were able to make it on board with our two kids, two dogs, and lots of sighs of relief.

As for New Years Eve and ringing in the new year of 2011, I was fast asleep and I believe Jacob was up watching The Mentalist, one of his favorite tv shows. We are so boring like that.

And now that December is over and January is already off to a great start, stay tuned for how we spent the first of the new year and where the girls went on their first sled ride.

Lily and Piper over our Christmas trip in FL. Aren't those tights just the cutest? And the outfits too!!
Christmas jammies under the Christmas tree!!
At home in their nifty high chairs that attach to our counter! Genius!
Sweet Lily and her little Elf hat
The girls in these cute little elf outfits that Zaza (Grandma Mutz) gave to them before we came for Christmas. Aren't they just adorable?! And of course, Piper and her usual eyes wide open look. Love her! And Lily too.

Lily, Alonna, and Piper
Alonna's brother Noah, squeezing oranges for Zaza. And looking quite adorable in his little apron!
Piper standing up!! How did we go from crawling to standing up in a matter of a week? Huh?!

And here's the poor pup in her pink cast with the two wrestlers...
Poor thing!! But she runs with it no problem!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

What happened to November?

It has been quite a while since I last updated everyone and a lot has happened. I won't bore you all with every last detail of the past few months, but I did want to hit the high points.

In November, the four of us, along with our two fuzzy companions, boarded a plane bound for Little Rock to celebrate Thanksgiving. While there, we would stuff our faces with turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, and my grandma's famous chocolate chip cookies that seem to disappear faster with each year. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all got to meet the girls which was really fun. Silly as it may be, I also looked forward to having the girls sleep in my old room at my parents house. In that room, my mom turned my old closet into a sweet nursery complete with a crib that had brown and pink bedding. Both the twins took a turn in that crib for naps and bedtime. It was fun to finally get to use it after several years of using that room but not the nursery. A big surprise was a fun visit with my bff from high school, Christy Hutchins. She got to see the girls and play with them and we even got to talk some too.

Piper and Papa
Lily and Piper sitting on their new quilt that my Aunt Judy made for them!!
Piper waving and Lily trying to eat her foot during bathtime.
The twins with their Great Grandparents!
Lily and her favorite Aunt Laura
My friend Christy and Piper, who I think is trying to eat Christy's nose.
Lily and Daddy
Lily boos
Lily and Piper ready for their Thanksgiving feast!

Piper started trying to crawl this month as well but was only good at the rocking back and forth part. She would get on all fours and then decide she wasn't ready and sit back down. Lily learned how to hold her own bottle which was an exciting moment! And soon after getting home from Thanksgiving, Piper started holding her bottle as well. And after that I promptly stowed away the bottle holders! Woo hoo! They also picked up on eating solids without gagging which was a big hurdle. I was getting so tired of making food that they weren't eating and trying to figure out how to get them to try it without forcing it down their throats.

And with that, stay tuned for all the exciting news of December! There's even a pink cast thrown into the mix for good measure! Who does it belong to? In the words of my father when he used to tell us bedtime stories with a cliffhanger, "You'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out the rest of the story!!"