Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The girls at 4 months!

Lily and Piper

They are now 4 months old and yesterday I set them up to take some pictures of them and all their cuteness.

They are getting so big, so fast!! I just cannot believe how much they are smiling and how expressive they are becoming! We are absolutely loving seeing their different personalities and watching them develop and grow. They are loving their hands and like to have them in front of their faces at all times, especially when they are eating.

Piper has begun trying to roll over. The problem is, she doesn't even like being on her tummy so I am probably going to laugh when she actually does it and then decides she doesn't like it but can't turn back over. It will be funny but very frustrating for her, I'm sure.

Lily is content to lie on her back and when she sleeps, she always has her arms up above her head like she's laying in a hammock. She doesn't care to be rocked to sleep or held when she's tired, she would rather be put down wide awake and fall asleep on her own.

Piper likes to sleep on her side and will sometimes get to be on her side with her head tilted back in an arch. She was like that in the womb, so it's natural that she still does it. When she was born, her nose was a bit flattened because her head had been tilted back and pressed upwards.

They are both finding their voices and love to smile, coo, shriek with delight, and sometimes laugh! It is just so much fun to watch their eyes move around and to see them smiling at you when you aren't even looking at them. Makes me feel so loved!

I am so giddy when I go in to get them in the morning or when I am feeding them their bottles and they stop drinking to smile at me. It makes my heart feel incredibly full and so happy! They are such a delight!