Monday, November 22, 2010

Grief Revisited

Every Sunday we help lead the grief workshop at our church. A new group of precious souls have joined together for the next 8 weeks to work through their grief over a loved one who has died and I am honored to get to be there with them and to share our own story.

There are some precious mommas in our small group of couples who have lost babies or young children. The newness of their grief journey has renewed the grief in my own heart. Seeing how close they are to have held their children, seen their precious faces, and kissed them makes me long for Molly and Micah all the more.

As the holidays are getting closer, we have talked in our small group about how to deal with the days that are coming near and how to honor their babies in a way that honors our Lord. Most everyone at one point or another has said that they are dreading the holidays and that they wish they could just skip them. I remember feeling those exact things a few years ago. That first Thanksgiving and Christmas were awfully hard to get through and part of me wished to skip the whole lot and move on to a new year. But I didn't skip either holiday and I am glad that I didn't. Yes, they were difficult, but there were also some sweet moments as well.

And so, I pray for our little small group this week of Thanksgiving when giving thanks is incredibly difficult to do. I ask you, Lord, that you meet them where they are and that you would provide for them in surprising ways that are unmistakably you. That they would experience sweet moments of grace like I did and that you would give them grace for the hard moments that will likely come as well.